Brows speak louder than words

“Eyebrow threading is an art form unique to the person, which gives me an opportunity to tailor to the shape of each person.”

– Payal [Owner] / Pro Eyebrow


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Meet Payal Patel

For Payal, brows are more than a profession — they’re a passion! Combining her love of art, painting, and creativity with years of experience in brow threading, henna eyebrow color, and henna tattooing, she approaches each beautiful face with a tailored application, creating a silhouette that’s perfectly YOU.


Pro Eyebrow Threading Salon

8400 Brodie Ln Suite, # 107, Austin TX, 78745

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Austin, TX


I have been coming to patel for 4 years now. Patel is very professional, CLEAN, and very nice. My eyebrows are flawless EVERY TIME. She also does my henna, waxing, and gives me skin/facial advice! I am in love with her services!

— Dee-d Garcia / Customer


Payal is attentive, offers fair pricing, and is an exceptional one woman show! Highly recommend for eyebrow threading

— Kristie Kali / Customer


I have been coming to Patel for so many years now. Patel is amazing! She does such a great job with my eyebrows. She is very clean, very professional, and she takes her time to learn what you want and shapes your brows accordingly. She is very detail-oriented and her services are excellent! Go see her today! You will be glad you did!

— Anonymous / Customer


I have had threading done at over a dozen different salons in Austin and Hiya Patel is by far the most experienced and professional. The shape and growth is the best it has ever been and I always get compliments. I drive across town for my appointment bc she is THAT good. Threading can be painful if not done by someone experienced; Hiya has the perfect touch and is very gentle and thorough with her services. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

— Celina Zisman / Customer


Hiya Patel always helps me meet my eyebrow shape goals. I like to change them up and she is always up for the challenge. She goes out of her way to sanitize and provide the safest environments. She is very talented as well as a wonderful person. I highly recommend her threading services.

— David and Leslie Williams / Customers

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Threaded with care